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If you’re looking for a place to experience the thrill of swimming with dolphins, dolphinariums in Turkey are great places to choose! Turkey is an unrivalled country which comes to mind when it comes to activities with dolphins, sea seals and ocean mammals. We are committed to creating an environment suitable for these amazing ocean mammals. If you are looking for quality and value in your Swim with Dolphins program, our parks are a great choice! Enjoy a unique experience with our dolphins and let our intimate and informative programs reveal the mammal behind the myth in a fun informational, responsible and educational way.
Dolphin encounter, watching dolphins show, swimming, diving with dolphins and educational programs in Turkey will satisfy the curiosity of guests of all ages. You can snorkel with dolphins or dive with them in the pool or open sea, accompanied by a dolphin behaviorist and videographer.
We offer the best variety of attractions for your day trip in Turkey : water slides, sea lions, sharks and the main attraction - swimming with dolphins. Enjoy 10 to 30 minutes of swim session with a dolphin, where you can kiss, hug, pet, and feed him! Embrace your wild side taking part in this exciting experience on your vacations. Meet and enjoy the encounter with these swift intelligent creatures.
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