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Dolphins are stars and the most skillful creatures of the oceans. They are jumping, playing football, diving, painting, singing and more. Dolphinarium in Kale Turkey are fortunate to be highly successful in the reproduction of the bottlenose dolphin in an enclosed environment. Here you will find important information about the history, characteristics, physiology and habitat of this magnificent species. Dolphins park in Kale Turkey offer attractions for all ages. There are specially designed areas where kids can have fun while the adults relax and watch. The award-winning dolphin shows are everyone’s favorite and will take your breath away.
You are about to begin a journey around a fascinating water world inhabited by the most beautiful and interesting marine and exotic animals. During your journey you will see interesting and entertaining live shows with Dolphins, Sea lions and Parrots in action. The Dolphins Show in Kale Turkey is done with synchronized swimmers, exercising their routines alongside the dolphins. This show is unique and exceptional due to its complexity and singularity.
The main Show of the day is the Dolphins. A 40 minutes to 1 hour spectacular water ballet with a team of beautiful girls moving as one among the Dolphins - who are obviously enjoying every moment. At the end of the show, you will be able to have your picture taken with dolphins. Pick it up before you leave the park in Kale Turkey!
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