Welcome to Aqualand - Aqua Park - Dolphinarium in Turkey

Aqualand, Aqua Park , Water Park in Turkey ; Enjoy with a huge amusement park with water slides, splash pads, water playground, and other recreational bathing and swimming environments for all ages, even for infants...
Everything has been thought of for your pleasure.What you want fast, dynamic and adrenalin-filled entertainment...Water Planet, aquapark is just the place for you...

One of the most amazing and adventurous water parks in Europe, for children and all those young in spirit.

For all of you, who like water and its games , there are, the Giant Slides, the Multislide, the Black Hole, the Four Twisters, the Kamikazes, the Hydri-tube, the Crazy River, the Lazy River, the adventurous and fyll activities pool, the two new "Free Fall" slides, the big size Jacuzzi and the big deep pool.

Our young friends may visit their own areas: the big shallow pool, the waterslides for children, the flat ramp for children, the slippery octopus, the screaming frog, the shower mushroom. They can also entertain themselves to the out-of-water games...For all of you who want to have fun with your family, Aqualand has already cared, two new games, the Family Rafting and the Deep Blue Kayak.

The qualified lifeguards, that look after your safety, the special service for people with special needs, the water which is everyday re-changed and continuously filtered, are few of the high-level services offered by us.
You will also find free sunbeds and umbrellas, spacious changing rooms and showers, high quality fast food, restaurant and gelateria, boutique, mini-market and fast photo-print shop, safety lockers available, wet and dry central bar.

AQUALAND & AQUAPARK is a unique freshness and joy for those who wish to have an unforgettable experience... !!!.

Dolphin Park , Dolphinariums in Turkey ; Dolphins, sea lions...The incredible creatures of seas...Just waiting for you...Come and meet these wonderful mammals , touch them and swim with them...
Let your dreams come true!
Our dolphins and seals invites you to their incredible life in Turkey.
Watch dolphin show, touch dolphins, feel them , swim with dolphins and live unforgettable moments in our dolphin park , dolphinarium in Turkey.
Dolphin Swimming in Turkey ; Swimming with dolphins is a memorable experience that you and your family or friends can enjoy together.
Dolphin Therapy in Turkey ; Dolphins are an increasingly popular choice of animal- assisted therapy for psychological problems and developmental disabilities...
Swimming with dolphin fishes creates an effect that gives joy and peace of mind, enforces the immune system, improves awareness, attention and self-control and develops feelings of compassion and self-confidence.

Special Activities & Offers

       Swimming With Dolphins in Turkey
        Dolphin Therapy in Turkey
Dolphin therapy in Turkey Swimming with dolphins in Turkey